5 Extreamly successful sports stars, billionaire business tycoons and CEO’s showing that hard Work always pays off

Quite often, people who have succeeded in life are viewed by others as being fortunate, talented or simply blessed. However, the truth of the matter is that there is always an attribute of persistence and hard work in such individuals which has paid off and manifested itself in the success we see in them. Therefore, it is true that hard work pays in real life. Below are some real life examples of individuals who got paid by working hard.

Kobe Bryant: a NBA superstar through hard work of practicing jump shots

When it comes to practicing jump shots in basketball, there is no other player that drives his body harder than this Lakers superstar. Bryant is known to have started practicing jump shots from his early years of life as he grew up in Philadelphia; he would always practice whenever he was free. Not even a dislocation or broken fingers have ever stopped this superstar from playing; instead of nursing his fingers, Bryant could change his shooting technique repeatedly. Bryant is ever seen practicing at the Lakers facility whether it is at night or day time; his hard work has really paid him up and Kobe Bryant is currently the highest paid player in the NBA for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

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Li Ka-Shing: from a salesman to a billionaire tycoon through hard work

It is through hard work that Li Ka-Shing, the Hong Kong based tycoon is what he is today. From a very humble beginning, Li Ka-Shing was forced to drop out of school before he could even turn 15 after the sudden demise of his father. After dropping out of school, he joined a plastics company where he labored hard for 16 hours a day. Through his hard work, Li managed to outperform all the other employees to become the company’s general manager at barely 19 years of age. Later on in 1950, Li founded his own company in which he did almost everything by himself from management, to accounting, etc. His hard work has helped him build a business empire in various sectors including banking, construction, plastics, real estate, cement production, transportation, etc, with an estimated net worth of USD 31.9 billion as of 2014.


Jeffrey Immelt: success through 100 hour weeks of hard work over 24 years

It took Jeffrey Immelt, the General Electric CEO hard work of hundred-hour weeks constantly for 24 years to gain success. Jeffrey could divide this time and dedicate a given portion of each day dealing with every aspect of his business. In his incredible work ethic, Jeffrey would wake up early and by half past five in the morning, he’s through with his workout and would keep the tight schedule throughout the day to accomplish all the planned activities. Jeffrey now has a $22 million dollar a year salary and the top job at one of the worlds top corporations.


Indra Nooyi: from a receptionist to CEO of one of the largest food and beverages companies in the world, PepsiCo

There is no doubt that Indra Nooyi is one of the most powerful and renowned women in the world of business. Long before becoming what she is today, this lady had to really work hard as a receptionist at quite odd hours from midnight to five in the morning to earn a living while studying at the Yale school of management for her Master’s degree. Her hard work has seen her rise to one of the most powerful women of our times in the world. The hard work has earned her the numerous awards, honors and international recognition and her hard work is still exhibited in the immense success of PepsiCo under her leadership.


Pitcher Roy Halladay: a Cy Young award winner through intense workouts

Pitcher Roy Halladay is perhaps the hardest working baseball player of his time. This Cy Young award winner could embark on a rigorous ninety minutes work out before his teammates could arrive at the field from time to time. These pre-game preparation workouts were so intense that when some of his colleague pitchers tried one of them, all of them failed to go even half-way. Roy’s interest and hard work started right from his tender age and extended throughout his career life as a professional pitcher.


All the above real life examples show that success does not come by mere luck or fortune, it takes persistent hard work to make your dreams come true.

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