10 Habits of Ultra Successful People

When we see ultra successful people around us, we are often unable to figure out what force might be propelling them to success. The driving force behind success of such individuals is actually the unique habits possessed by them some of which include:

They always remain optimistic

In spite of the challenges that may prevail, ultra successful people remain optimistic. Take the example of the iconic Oprah Winfrey; the fact that she was once sacked and termed as unfit for TV presentation could not shutter her ambition.


Persistence is a common trait among ultra successful people. Such individuals are never swayed by challenges but instead, they press on until they’ve achieved their ambition. For instance, the dreams of Albert Einstein, one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century and Nobel Prize winner could not be shuttered by his seemingly low intellect during his early years in school.

The individuals are resilient and flexible

Ultra successful people are often resilient. In some instances, such people may seem to be incapable of achieving much in life; however, due to their resiliency, the individuals end up becoming among the most successful in their fields. For instance, Charles Darwin, one of the notable scientists to have ever lived is said to have exhibited lower intellect than his cousin. He is known to have given up a medical career and his father often termed him as lazy and too dreamy. However, Darwin pursued and loved what he was good at to become one of the most famous scientists of the time.

They remain focused

Individuals who succeed always remain focused and they do not allow distractions from people or circumstances around them. For instance, Socrates, one of the renowned philosophers of his time could not stop teaching his ideas which others considered strange and corrupting morally; instead, he kept on teaching the ideas until his death.

Ultra successful people manage their time well

Individuals who succeed have a habit of planning and managing their time well. Such individuals usually wake up early and go to bed late; they are always the first to arrive at their work place but the last to leave. Due to their hard work and tight schedules, such individuals are often branded as workaholics by others. For example, Tim Cook, Apple CEO is known to start sending emails as early as half past four in the morning. He is also known to be the first to arrive in office and the last to leave in addition to holding staff meetings on Sundays to plan for activities of Monday.

They work harder

Ultra successful people are known to work harder than usual. This habit is actually what makes them to remain ahead of other individual in the same field. For instance, the success of Michael Jordan as one of the best NBA players of his time is attributed to his hard workouts.

They have self sacrifice

Ultra successful people are ready to forego certain pleasures and privileges for the sake of success. For instance, Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks had to forgo his vacation for seven years when starting his company.

They set goals and work toward their achievement

People who succeed know exactly what they want to achieve in life by setting goals. They not only set and put down these goals but also plan and execute out the plans to achieve goals. A study conducted some time back in the Harvard University showed that students who had written down their goals achieved ten times more than those who didn’t have well set out or written down goals.

They like learning and increasing knowledge on their areas

Individuals who succeed do not stagnate in the same kind of knowledge. Instead, such individuals always seek knowledge continually to sharpen their skill and remain ahead of others. You will find the individuals reading books or learning from others on matters related to their fields. For instance, Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks could spend time reading about new software regularly until 2 AM in the morning.

They try to keep physically fit

In spite of the tight schedule, ultra successful people set time to exercise in order to keep physically fit. For instance, Jeffrey Immelt, the GE CEO does his workouts as early as 5.30 AM every morning to keep fit. Exercise also has a few side benefits such as being able to focus easier and increased cognitive ability. 

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