5 Beneficial and Surprising Side Effects of Exercise

When most of us set out for an exercise, perhaps the major benefit that comes into our minds is the muscle tone up that exercising is known to bring about. However, studies have shown that an exercise can bring more than just muscle building.

Whether it is working out in a gym, running, walking or any form of work out, there is a whole range of beneficial side effects that you are likely to obtain from the exercise that are great for not only your physical wellbeing but also mental and social wellbeing. The good thing about it is that anybody can gain these helpful side effects of exercise irrespective of his or her age or level of fitness; here are some of those benefits.

Workouts relieves stress and suppresses the aging process

After a stressful day at your workplace, an exercise at a gym or any other physical workout can help improve your mood and lift you emotionally. Engaging in a physical activity triggers the release of soothing chemicals such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine; these substances lowers tension making you to feel more relaxed. Stress is known to have detrimental side effects including facilitation of aging; exercising regularly helps to avert these effects to a great deal. In a study conducted by researchers from the University of California some time back in 2010 involving a group of stressed-up women, it was found out that the women who engaged in severe workout for about 45 minutes for three days had cells with fewer signs of aging than the inactive stressed-up women.   

Exercise boosts energy and improves performance

Subjecting the body to a physical activity can help boost its energy production thus improving performance. This is because a physical activity or exercise increases the rate at which oxygen and nutrients are availed to the body tissues due to enhanced efficiency of the cardiovascular and gaseous exchange systems. The availability of sufficient oxygen and nutrients in the tissues results to improved energy production that can be put into use for carrying out the day’s activities. Also, the improved circulation of blood implies that toxic metabolic wastes will be removed from the body more efficiently hence making the body organs and tissues to perform optimally.   

Exercising enhances mental activity and learning

Physical activities evokes production of growth factors in the brain which helps in generation of new brain cells and creation of new links between the brain cells all necessary for improving learning capabilities. More intricate physical activities requiring good enough coordination of the body parts such as playing tennis or engaging in a dance class, subjects the brain to think much about the coordination which results to growth of the brain cells. Also, complex activities improve our potential to focus or concentrate on learning; a study by German researchers showed that high school students subjected to some intricate physical activities scored better in tests than those who remained physically inactive or engaged in less intricate physical activities.

Research has shown that being fit also increases IQ

Exercising is good for your sex life

Although there are a number of factors influencing a person’s sexual drive, such as mood, diseases, etc, individuals who engage in physical activities and regular exercises have a higher likelihood of having better satisfying sex lives than those who do not. This is because exercising reinvigorates the body as a result of improved blood circulation and enhanced metabolism. Men who engage in regular workouts are at a lower risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction than those who do not; on the other hand, women who exercise regularly are likely to experience better arousal and sexual satisfaction than those who are not physically active. Exercising also improves your physical appearance and glow hence making you sexually attractive.

Exercising averts the detrimental effects of excessive body weight or obesity

Workouts can help check your body weight and prevent excessive weight gain. Exercising is a nice way of losing weight naturally. This is because during workouts or engagement in physical activities, the body burns out calories thus preventing deposition and storage of excess sugars or fats in the body responsible for weight gain. Normally, the more intense the activity or exercise is, the more the body burns out calories thus slimming the chances of body weight gain. Therefore, exercising regularly reduces the risks associated with excessive body weight and obesity including cardiovascular ailments, type 2 diabetes, etc.

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